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Last year, I had the priviledge of working with a talented team at Viget to build and launch a new site for the North American branch of the World Wildlife Fund:

This was the first major project at Viget for which I served as technical lead from start to finish. I’m very proud of the way it turned out, particularly the custom content management system we built and the photo management tools. I wrote a few posts on our company tech blog if you’d like to read more:

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29 Aug

Ready to a build this habit? Join and check in any day you meet your goal. Write 500 Words Every Day (#500WED). This is a community challenge to fall in love with writing again. Can you write 500 Words Every Day for a month?

28 Aug
Fast Pack Friday: Gabriel Hall

Here is a great submission from Gabriel Hall. I really like his patch layouts, the multiple use of iComms across the top webbing of the Fast Pack Litespeed. What particularly stands out is his two clever modifications. Firstly the folding up the Transporter Tail (shown best in the 2nd image) and also his top compression strap clip storage solution (3rd image).

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Parks Project

At Parks Project™ we are on an adventure with a purpose. We have a passion for the outdoors and believe it's our responsibility to Promote, Protect, and Preserve these spaces.

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Ruby’s Unary Operators and How to Define Their Functionality

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26 Aug
Lake Cabin, Czech Republic

Erected within the same boundaries as the former 1970s cabin, which was lacking suitable insulation and infrastructure, the simple wooden structure offers an improved connection with the forested site. Wood was chosen as the most suitable building material because of the cabin’s environs and because the construction methods caused minimal disruption to the site.

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